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Section 6704-a and Section 6711-b of the Education Law, respectively, require veterinarians to complete 45 hours and veterinary technicians to complete 24 hours, of acceptable continuing education every three years. These requirements became effective in January 2012. Section 62.8 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education further specifies the continuing education requirements for both veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

For more information on continuing education requirements, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Veterinarian's Provision of Free Spaying and/or Neutering Services for Continuing Education Credit: Effective February 2, 2017, Chapter 398 of the Laws of 2016, amends Education Law section 6704-a(2) to permit veterinarians to satisfy a portion of their mandatory triennial continuing education requirements by providing free spay and/or neutering services and other related follow-up veterinary services, as long as they satisfy other specified requirements. However, this amendment to Education Law section 6704-a(2) does not require veterinarians to provide such services for continuing education purposes. For more information, please see the fact sheet. Additionally, since Chapter 398 limits this option to veterinarians, it is not available to veterinary technicians.

Veterinarians seeking to satisfy a portion of their continuing education requirement through the provision of free spaying and/or neutering services should fill out and retain the Veterinarian COSN Form "Attestation of Veterinarian's Provision of Free Spaying and/or Neutering Services for Continuing Education Credit."

For additional information on the laws, rules and regulations governing veterinary medicine, please refer to the Laws, Rules & Regulations section under the Office of the Professions’ Veterinary Medicine web page.