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Listing of NYS Registered Outsourcing Facilities as of October 31, 2021

This table lists the outsourcing facilities that have completed registration as an outsourcing facility. New York registers establishments located within the State as well as those located outside NYS that do business in the State. Current registration status should be verified at the Office of the Professions' official database.

Outsourcing Facility Name Registration Number
AnazaoHealth Corporation 033985
Athenex Pharma Solutions, LLC 035973
Atlas Pharmaceuticals, LLC 035898
Avella of Deer Valley, Inc 034800
BSO, LLC 037437
Cantrell Drug Company 033245
Central Admixtures Pharmacy Services Inc 033257
Central Admixtures Pharmacy Services Inc 033798
Denver Solutions LLC 036550
Edge Pharmacy Services LLC 033010
Empower Clinic Services, LLC 034902
Fagron Compounding Services LLC 034443
Imprimis NJOF, LLC 035743
Infusion Options Inc 033031
JCB Laboratories LLC 033758
KRS Global Biotechnology Inc 033006
Leiter's Enterprises Inc. 033331
Nephron SC, INC. 035693
Pine Pharmaceuticals LLC 033021
QuVa Pharma, Inc. 034088
QuVa Pharma, Inc. 036690
SCA Pharmaceuticals LLC 033097
SCA Pharmaceuticals LLC 036592
Sincerus Florida Inc 034562
Sterrx, LLC 034102
US Compounding Inc 033096