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Consumer Information: "Do it Yourself" Dental/Orthodontic Treatment

Many companies are now offering "Do it Your Self" or "DIY" dental treatments, often at a reduced fee. Examples of these treatments/products include, orthodontic treatment, tooth whitening, grills, mouth guards, etc. Here are some suggested questions you should ask yourself when considering one of these treatments/products.

  1. Is the DIY treatment/product legal under New York State laws and regulations?
  2. Are your teeth healthy enough for the DIY treatment you are considering? What are the potential risks of this treatment/product?
  3. Will you ever see a licensed New York State dentist during the course of your DIY treatment? If you have a problem during the course of treatment or while using the product, who will assist you in addressing it?
  4. Will initial records, such as x-rays, photographs and impressions/scans be taken prior to the start of your DIY treatment or the use of the product? Will you have access to these records if needed?
  5. Are there any hidden fees that may come up during or after your DIY treatment?
  6. Is the company you will be working with asking you to sign a release relieving it of any liability? If you have a dispute or are injured during the course of your DIY treatment or during the use of the product, what rights do you have?
  7. Are you considering a DIY treatment that involves the orthodontic movement of your teeth? If so, you should be aware that moving teeth incorrectly can potentially damage teeth and the supporting tissue.

Additionally, as part of your DIY treatment, will you receive any office visits to see the orthodontist or dentist? If so, will these visits result in added costs to you?

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding a "Direct to the Consumer" product, please contact the New York State Education Department at or 1(800) 442-8106.