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Advisory Board for Public Postsecondary Vocational Education Practical Nursing Programs

Under the Code of Federal Regulations (34, Part 603), the Office of the Professions within the State Education Department has been determined by the United States Secretary of Education to be a reliable authority as to the quality of postsecondary vocational education practical nursing within the state and serves as a Title IV gatekeeper for Public Postsecondary Vocational Education in practical nursing. The scope of this recognition is limited to practical nursing education programs offered by a Board of Cooperative Educational Services, an Educational Opportunity Center, City School Districts, and County Board of Supervisors in the State of New York.

The Advisory Board members, representing a broad and geographically representational constituency of public stake holders includes but is not limited to nursing educators, public employers, students, and the general public, including members of historically under-represented groups participate in the review of programs as well as policies and procedures for accreditation of postsecondary vocational education practical nursing programs to assure that the evaluative process is consistently applied without bias and serve to maintain quality programs.

Composition of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of a maximum of 15 voting members and one non-voting member. The voting membership must meet advisory board selection criteria, attest to no conflict of interest and commit to maintain confidentiality. The general membership of the Advisory Board must include:

  • a representative from each geographic region of New York as defined by the Board of Regents found here,
  • at least nine members must be nurse educators,
  • at least two members must be public representatives and on public representative member must be directly involved in employing or supervising licensed practical nurses or employed as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a health care agency,
  • at least one member must be a student who is enrolled in a practical nursing program during the academic year at the time of the meeting and shall be a non-voting member.

Terms of Services

Voting members shall serve for three years with the ability for reappointment for one successive term. A term is from August 1st - July 31st.

Meeting Frequency

The Advisory Board shall meet biannually for one or two consecutive days to be determined by staff of the Division of Professional Education and the Chair of the Advisory Board. The Chair may also call additional meetings for good cause in consultation with the Director of the Division of Professional Education.

Are you interested in serving on the Advisory Board? Please complete the form below and submit to the Professional Education Program Review office for consideration.


Advisory Board Nomination Form