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Group Size

  • Minimum: 3 participants
  • Suggested maximum: 25 participants

Documentation of Study Group Goals

Study group goals should be written in the form of learner outcomes, e.g., During the (five) week time allotted for this study group, participants will:

  • Learn vocabulary associated with . . .
  • Learn strategies to implement . . .
  • Learn theories related to . . .
  • Be able to assemble a soundfield amplification unit
  • Be able to administer and analyze two phonological awareness assessment instruments
  • Be able to use a language sample analysis to identify linguistic deficits that may affect access to the educational curriculum

Documentation of Study Group Plan

The study group plan may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • review of journal articles;
  • review of books;
  • discussion of book chapters;
  • presentations by guest speakers;
  • review of appropriate audio/video tape presentations;
  • use of appropriate computer software and/or internet applications;
  • generation of a research paper, project or presentation.

Topic Areas

Study group topics should be specific and clearly defined. Topics may address issues related to speech-language pathology, audiology or related continuing competency areas. Continuing competency hours are credited at a rate of one continuing competency hour for every two hours the study group meets.

Examples of acceptable topics:

  • Stuttering in the preschool population
  • Research in the treatment of swallowing disorders

Examples of too general, and therefore unacceptable topics:

  • Voice
  • Hearing loss

A maximum of 15 continuing competency hours can be earned when the study group topic is related to scope of practice, i.e., a "professional" area.

A maximum of 10 continuing competency hours can be earned if the study group topic is in a "related" area.

A maximum of 15 continuing competency hours can be earned through participation in a study group during any 3-year registration cycle.


Study group participants should sign an attendance sheet at each session. Participants will be credited for only those sessions they attend. Each attendee should maintain a copy of the attendance sheets for their records.

Study Notes

Meeting notes for a particular meeting should be taken by a group participant appointed for that session and distributed to each participant within seven days of the meeting. Meeting notes should be maintained in your records.


Each study group participant must prepare a written evaluation of the learning process once the group has met its study goals. The learning process evaluation should include, but not be limited to, the following three questions:

  • What did I learn?
  • How will I use the information I learned in my work setting?
  • How could this study group experience have been improved?

Contact Clock Hours

Study group hours may be accrued in blocks of 1.5 hours or more. That is, each study group session should be at least 90 minutes long.