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An architect who is not a resident of New York and has not established a business in the State may apply for a limited permit to work on a specific project in New York.  A limited permit is valid for the duration of the project or a period of three years, whichever comes first.  If the project exceeds a three-year period, the limited permit may be renewed.  Only one limited permit will be issued in an applicant’s lifetime. 

Limited permits are issued only to individual persons and are not issued to business entities or corporations of any kind.  A limited permit only allows the individual permit holder to practice architectural services on a specific project located in New York, but it does not authorize a business entity to provide professional services.

  • An out-of-State architect who is not a resident of New York, who has no established business in New York, and who wants to practice as an individual on a project that is in that  individual’s name, on that individual’s title block, with a signed contract that is in that individual’s name and not a firm’s name, and where only the individual claims credit for the work (i.e. project cannot appear in a firm’s advertising, including, but not limited to, its website)
  • Submit Form 5, New York’s Application for Limited permit for Non-Resident Architect.
  • Pay the licensure and first registration fee of $347.00
  • Send Form 3 to the licensing authority that issued your license and whose seal you will be using on the project for which the limited permit will be issued. Form 3 must be submitted directly by the licensing authority to the Department.
  • Send Form 4L to three licensed and registered architects who will attest to your lawful practice.  These architects MUST submit the Form 4L directly to the Department.  The form WILL NOT be accepted if submitted by you.