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Who should apply for a switch in initial licensure jurisdictions to New York?

  • An applicant who has never been licensed as an architect by another State Board or a foreign licensing jurisdiction, OR
  • An applicant who is licensed in a foreign licensing jurisdiction without passing the NCARB examination (ARE or its predecessors), 
  • AND
  • An applicant who started the exam eligibility/licensure process in another State or NCARB jurisdiction and who wants to switch their initial licensure jurisdiction to New York
  • Read the general requirements, education, experience, and examination requirements if you are applying for an initial license and a switch in initial licensure jurisdiction to New York.
  • Submit Form 1, New York’s Application for Licensure. Please indicate on your Form 1 that you are applying for a switch in jurisdiction to New York
  • Pay the licensure and first registration fee of $377.00
  • Send an email to and ask for a change in your initial licensure jurisdiction to New York no sooner than three weeks after submitting Form 1.
  • ONLY IF FOREIGN-EDUCATED: Send Form 2 to your foreign university for them to complete and send back to the Department with all required documentation (New York does not accept an EESA evaluation). One of our Bureau of Comparative Education evaluators will assign a value for the education.
  • For those whose assigned education value is below 7 units, experience is required to permit a switch in jurisdiction to New York. The amount of experience is dependent upon the nature of your education. You must send Form 4 to a supervisor(s) to verify your experience. Your supervisor MUST submit the Form 4 directly to the Department. The form WILL NOT be accepted if submitted by you.