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New York State does not have direct reciprocity with any other US State or territory. However, an applicant who can demonstrate having been in lawful practice as a Principal/shareholder/owner of their own firm outside of New York State for a period of 10 years may, upon successful completion of a practical examination satisfactory to the State Board, be granted licensure as an architect. Generally, only those architects licensed in a foreign country are eligible to apply via this pathway. 

An applicant applying for licensure via the practical examination must be: 

  • An architect who has been Principal/shareholder/owner of their own lawful architectural firm for 10 years or more outside of New York
  • An architect who has never attempted the ARE or any other licensing examination in use by New York prior to the ARE
  • An architect who is licensed in a country where the practice of architecture is regulated and is similar to that of New York.
  • An architect who is licensed in a country where the title of "Architect" is regulated
  • An architect who is licensed in a country where there is an enforcement system for architects that regulates professional conduct
  • An architect who has a minimum of three building projects that have been completed within their 10 years of lawful practice of their own architectural firm and whose projects were completed within the 15 years immediately preceding their application for licensure 
  • Submit Online Form 1 - Application for Licensure. Indicate on your Form 1 that you are applying for licensure via the practical examination.
  • Pay the licensure and first registration fee of $587.00  
  • Send Form 3 - Verification of Other Professional Licensure/Certification and/or Examination to each jurisdiction in which you are licensed. Form 3 must be submitted directly by the licensing authority to the Department. 
  • Send Form 4P - Attestation of 10 Years of Lawful Practice Outside New York State as Principal/Shareholder/Owner of Firm to three licensed and registered architects who will attest to your lawful practice outside of New York State for the required minimum  period pf 10 years. These architects MUST submit the Form 4P directly to the Department. The form WILL NOT be accepted if submitted by you. 
  • If you are found eligible via this pathway, an invitation with details for a practical examination will be emailed to you.